Julie Martinez, Substance Abuse Prevention Program Program Manager julie@taosalive.org

Julie Bau is a lifelong resident of Taos. In 2001 she received an Associates of arts in Early Childhood Multicultural Education from UNM Taos and in 2005 graduated with a Bachelor of University Studies with an emphasis in Health Education and New Mexico Studies from the University of New Mexico. In 2002 Julie began working in the prevention field with Tri-County Community Services as a full-time Preventionist. In 2004 she left Tri-County Community Services to work with both Taos Municipal Schools Tobacco Prevention Program as a Preventionist and Clean Air Works in Taos County as a Community Liaison. In 2008 she earned a certification with the New Mexico Behavioral Health Board as a Prevention Specialist. Julie currently now works with Taos Health Systems / Holy Cross Hospital as the Substance Abuse Prevention Program Manager. She also sits on the Juvenile Justice Board as the Vice Chair and a member of the Taos County DWI Council. Julie’s passion for the prevention field came from her life experience with people close to her who suffered from addiction, many whose addiction ended in death and some in incarceration. This gave her a deep desire to help improve the health of her community through work in the prevention field. She has seen how hard it has been for people in her life to go into and stay in recovery, that she felt the best way she could help is by helping the youth before they begin. She also realizes how important of a role parents, family, and the community play a part in these children’s lives and their decision not to start using. She believes that as our community becomes healthier that we create an environment where are you can be healthy.



Alana Lee, alana@taosalive.org


Ashleigh Grycner, Community Alcohol Policy Coordinator ashleigh@taosalive.org

Ashleigh Grycner is a Taos native passionate about helping those in her local, and global, community make the changes they need to in order to experience the harmony, peace, and joy that is humanity's birthright. She sees addiction and substance abuse as a key piece in this puzzle and therefore is happy to work with Taos Alive to coordinate monthly alcohol policy coalition meetings and to further the community organization necessary to help Taos County become more and more free of alcohol abuse and addiction. This includes ongoing recruitment, working with local high school and middle school students, and soliciting support from various initiatives and sectors within Taos County. "


Andy Jones,  Rx Drug Prevention Coordinator andy@taosalive.org

Andy Jones, Taos Alive’s new Prescription Drug Abuse/Misuse Workgroup Coordinator, is a veteran journalist with more than 15 years of experience. As a graduate student at the University of New Mexico, studying Community and Regional Planning, Jones is transitioning to a new role in community organizing and outreach. During a brief stint with The Waite Company, Jones worked in the developmental stages on a statewide campaign for the New Mexico Department of Health to spread awareness about the state’s opioid — specifically prescription opioids — crisis. He is looking forward to this opportunity to strengthen Taos Alive’s coalition work on this issue. 


Leia Layus, Media Specialist leia@taosalive.org

Leia Layus has a deep seeded interest in awakening the youth and young adults into their own health, happiness, and freedom. As a graduate from the University of Santa Cruz, CA  she was exposed to a radical perspective in understanding how we function as a society, a community, and in relation to ourselves. Leia developed her skills in media while working in the music industry in Los Angeles and various projects in San Francisco- allowing for an exploration in photography and design.  Her passion for substance prevention began from her direct experience of overcoming the hold substances had over her early years and watching it negatively impact her family and friends. Discovering yoga as a medium to reclaim one's life, Leia began teaching young adults in San Francisco as a pathway to self-discovery. She now continues to teach yoga in Taos County to people of all ages to help guide people toward a healthier and free lifestyle. She is inspired to work with Taos Alive where her skills of Media & Design and her interest in awakening the youth can meet. 

          Monica Trujillo Thomas, School Substance Abuse Preventionist, monica@taosalive.org
25 years old, born and raised in Taos. I am a mother of two children and a recent college graduate. Graduated from UNM Taos in 2016 with my associate’s degree in Education. Continued my education at Highlands University where I recently received my Bachelor of Arts in health and human performance, with concentrations in nutrition and physical education. Some of the work I did in college was promoting youth wellness in schools. My focus and passion was to enforce good daily habits and influence a happy, nourishing lifestyle to our youth. Much of my work was directed towards the importance of physical activity in all aspects of life. This included mental and emotional health as well. My passion has always been to work with younger generations. As a school preventions with Taos Alive, I am excited to take on  a new but similar aspect of health. I desire to be not only an educator but also a support to our community. Substance abuse is a current issues that needs to be addressed and I believe the best way to inforce prevention is to educate at a young age. I am pleased to be a part of an organization that implements and supports a drug free safe community for our young and their families.