Julie Martinez, Substance Abuse Prevention Program Program Manager julie@taosalive.org

Julie Bau is a lifelong resident of Taos. In 2001 she received an Associates of arts in Early Childhood Multicultural Education from UNM Taos and in 2005 graduated with a Bachelor of University Studies with an emphasis in Health Education and New Mexico Studies from the University of New Mexico. In 2002 Julie began working in the prevention field with Tri-County Community Services as a full-time Preventionist. In 2004 she left Tri-County Community Services to work with both Taos Municipal Schools Tobacco Prevention Program as a Preventionist and Clean Air Works in Taos County as a Community Liaison. In 2008 she earned a certification with the New Mexico Behavioral Health Board as a Prevention Specialist. Julie currently now works with Taos Health Systems / Holy Cross Hospital as the Substance Abuse Prevention Program Manager. She also sits on the Juvenile Justice Board as the Vice Chair and a member of the Taos County DWI Council. Julie’s passion for the prevention field came from her life experience with people close to her who suffered from addiction, many whose addiction ended in death and some in incarceration. This gave her a deep desire to help improve the health of her community through work in the prevention field. She has seen how hard it has been for people in her life to go into and stay in recovery, that she felt the best way she could help is by helping the youth before they begin. She also realizes how important of a role parents, family, and the community play a part in these children’s lives and their decision not to start using. She believes that as our community becomes healthier that we create an environment where are you can be healthy.


Janie Corinne, M.P.H janie.corinne@gmail.com

Janie Corinne has been following a passion for helping people find the path to the precious gift of good health for most of her life. She started her career in gerontology, providing services through social work and mental health outreach in Norfolk, Virginia; southern Maine; and Houston. Completing her masters degree in public health at University of Texas Health Sciences Center, School of Public Health, allowed her to transition to health promotion and substance abuse prevention. A few years later, in 1993, she and her then-teenaged daughter moved to Questa. Since then, Janie has worked at Taos Pueblo, the Community Wellness Center, and as a public health consultant on a myriad of projects throughout New Mexico and beyond. She loves research, data, and finding the links between community changes and improved health. She wonders what would be left to work on if we magically dissolved addiction - what a happy thought! When she's not working, she can be found on the mountain trails or at the gym. Favorite location - on top of something very tall and steep.  


Ashleigh Grycner, Community Alcohol Policy Coordinator ashleigh@taosalive.org

Ashleigh Grycner is a Taos native passionate about helping those in her local, and global, community make the changes they need to in order to experience the harmony, peace, and joy that is humanity's birthright. She sees addiction and substance abuse as a key piece in this puzzle and therefore is happy to work with Taos Alive to coordinate monthly alcohol policy coalition meetings and to further the community organization necessary to help Taos County become more and more free of alcohol abuse and addiction. This includes ongoing recruitment, working with local high school and middle school students, and soliciting support from various initiatives and sectors within Taos County. "


Miles Bonny, Community Rx Drug Prevention Coordinator miles@taosalive.org

Miles Bonny has over a decade of experience in community services and behavioral health solutions. A graduate of the University of Kansas, he is currently involved in a wide variety of professions focused on Taos Youth. As Community Rx Drug Prevention Coordinator, Miles coordinates monthly coalition meetings and helps to further the community organizing necessary to bring about substance abuse changes within Taos County. This includes ongoing recruitment, working with local area high school students, and soliciting support around various initiatives from various sectors of Taos County. 


Leia Layus, Media Specialist leia@taosalive.org

Leia Layus has a deep seeded interest in awakening the youth and young adults into their own health, happiness, and freedom. As a graduate from the University of Santa Cruz, CA  she was exposed to a radical perspective in understanding how we function as a society, a community, and in relation to ourselves. Leia developed her skills in media while working in the music industry in Los Angeles and various projects in San Francisco- allowing for an exploration in photography and design.  Her passion for substance prevention began from her direct experience of overcoming the hold substances had over her early years and watching it negatively impact her family and friends. Discovering yoga as a medium to reclaim one's life, Leia began teaching young adults in San Francisco as a pathway to self-discovery. She now continues to teach yoga in Taos County to people of all ages to help guide people toward a healthier and free lifestyle. She is inspired to work with Taos Alive where her skills of Media & Design and her interest in awakening the youth can meet.