CAV Career Opportunity: Client Advocate



Rev. 06-17



JOB TITLE: Client Advocate 

REPORTS TO: Client Services Director

HOURS: 40 Hours week (Some flexibility required: weekday & occasional weekend, overnight as needed.)

SALARY: $14 - $16/Hr. + Benefits, Non-Exempt 


SCOPE OF POSITION:  Provide crisis intervention, personal and legal advocacy, individual life skills coaching and peer counseling for shelter and non-shelter survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence.



  1. Assist in the provision of services to shelter clients, including but not limited to the following:
  • Daily education and goal setting sessions with shelter clients.
  • Provide crisis intervention, advocacy and follow-up with sheltered clients.
  • Provide legal consultation referrals and advocacy.
  • Provide individual life skills training and referrals to group life skills training.
  • Coordinate with all other CAV program components with referrals and case management of shelter clients, and make appropriate out-of-agency referrals to assist clients in obtaining permanent safe housing.
  • Assist shelter clients work through any problems they many encounter while residing at the CAV shelter.
  1. Provide advocacy for clients living out of the shelter.  This includes crisis intervention, personal, and legal advocacy and follow-up. Provide survivor counseling/advocacy for survivors of domestic violence or sexual violence as needed or requested.
  2. Responsible for assisting in the follow-up and closeout of clients not currently receiving 


  1. Provide legal advocacy necessary to assist clients in obtaining Protective Orders from the District Court and to assist clients in obtaining information regarding criminal cases in the Magistrate Court and District Court.
  2. Provide client transportation as needed.
  3. Responsible for serving as staff back-up on hotline and taking primary shifts when         
  4. needed.
  5. Participate in all staff meetings, client staffings, and in-service trainings.
  6. To be fully knowledgeable and co-ordinate with other CAV program components in referrals and case management of clients.
  7. Participate in training around legal issues to ensure ability to provide legal advocacy.
  8. Attend community meetings, volunteer trainings, etc., as appropriate for client services. 
  9. Become knowledgeable of the ways in which working with people who have experienced trauma, DV and SA, impacts employees and proactively work to limit the effects of compassion fatigue by seeking supervision when common signs are present. 
  10. Engage in reflective supervision and actively examine how this work impacts you and how you impact the people that you work with as well as co-workers.
  11. Participate in a minimum of three agency events each year.
  12. Abide by confidentiality required by CAV, and its grantors.



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Client/Shelter Advocate




  1. Be available and cross-trained in other areas of CAV support service in the office and community as requested by Client Services Director and Executive Director.
  2. Responsible for completing required paperwork and maintaining files on clients.  This includes preparing necessary reports for Board and/or funding sources, as requested by the Client Services Director and/or Executive Director.
  3. Other responsibilities as assigned by Client Services Director or by the Executive Director.


Skills/Experience needed for this position:

  • Ability to work in crisis situations (management & intervention).
  • Ability to work in a team setting and providing support and information to peers. 
  • Excellent Bi-lingual (English-Spanish) and Bi-cultural communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain and complete, on a timely basis, all client paperwork required.
  • Ability to practice, or knowledge and experience in the use of conflict resolution.
  • Bilingual (English-Spanish) and Bi-cultural required. Experience working with multi-cultural population preferred.
  • Experience (paid or volunteer) in related kinds of activities, or willingness to be trained. 


Covered (“Non-Exempt”) and Not Covered (“Exempt”). All positions at CAV are classified as “covered” or “not covered” to determine if an employee qualified for overtime under state Wage and Hour laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Covered, also called “Non-Exempt”, includes all employees who are paid on an hourly basis and whose job responsibilities do not fit under any category of exemption under the FLSA.  These employees are entitled to “Overtime” pay as described below.  Not covered, also called “Exempt”, employees include certain administrators, executives or professionals who are paid on a salary basis.  A salary basis includes the hourly rate the administrator, executive or professional is assigned.  The job description identifies CAV’s classification of the position as covered and not covered for the purpose of qualifications for overtime.  If an employee believes CAV’s classification is incorrect, the employee should contact HR for an analysis of their position and functions.



High school diploma/GED and any combination of education and training with the target population or two (2) years relevant experience in a human service related field.  Forty (40) hours provider specific training at the outset of their jobs on topics essential to working with survivors of domestic violence, children who are survivors/ witnesses of domestic violence and offenders and crisis intervention.  Have a minimum of 20 hours continuing education training annually may include, NMCADV, VOCA, or VAWA and agency training related to target population.  Must be 18 years of age or older.  


Additional Qualifications Preferred:  Spanish and English Bilingual; Previous experience in providing advocacy to survivors of sexual violence or domestic violence.  


CAV is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.  This means that all persons are eligible to be employed, promoted or discharged, without regard to their sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, age, ancestry, serious medical condition, gender identity, or national origin.  CAV does not tolerate retaliation against any employee or client who filed grievance, made a complaint or questioned the handling of a discrimination charge.