August 2016 Newsletter

- August 2016 -


“The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness."

– Victor Hugo 

Thank you all for being a part of our Booze-less Summer this year! We have one more event coming up in August so if you haven't checked any of the past events, here's your chance!

* FREE Disc-golf at Two Gray Hares Disc-Golf course on August 18th 4-8pm

There are so many ways to prevent substance use every day and we are grateful for and inspired by each and every one of you. For doing what you do and doing it WELL. With each problem we are faced with as a small community, the more opportunity we are granted to come together. To tighten our bond. To develop and share our gifts & talents. 

There have been many heart-dropping tragedies this month relating directly to our youth in Taos. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all families, friends, and loved ones who were close with the beautiful souls that have moved on.

In the midst of these tragedies, we have been called to witness the light that can come peeking through the darkest of times. People coming together. Youth coming together. Support of individuals. Support of organizations. And a strengthening of our common thread. Our common goal: Making Taos a safer and healthier place to live and thrive.

One day at a time. One step at a time. One breath at a time. We are moving naturally into a new world of community and support fed by the heart. We thank you for all you do and we encourage you to continue lending your hands, hearts, eyes, and voice wherever and whenever you feel called.

If you have any questions about our events please reach out to us for more information and visit our website

Have a beautiful day Taos!

Taos Alive   

July Highlights: 

Radio: Taos Talks with Taos County Solid Waste on illegal dumpsite findings

VICE Short Documentary:  Combatting America's Opioid Crisis: Heroin's Antidote

New Event: Finally, a 2016 Youth Leadership Conference in Taos!

In The News...

* Taos Talks Radio Show: Let's meet our Chief! Taos Police Department's new Chief Randy Parmer - "It is our intention to work together to bring about peace and harmony. Together we will make Taos the perfect location for families to live, tourists to visit, and businesses to develop and grow"...Listen to the session

* Taos Inmate Loses his Life: On July 16th @ 9:40am at the Taos County Adult Detention Center. "It is sad that this happened and we offer our condolences to the family and to all the responders," said Taos County Sherrif, Jerry Hogrefe...Read the full article

August Meet-ups & Events...
(arrive 15 min early for free lunch @ Holy Cross Hospital Boardroom)

Taos Alive Coalition Meeting - 8.3.16 @ 10:30am - HCH boardroom
Media & Communications Meeting - 8.24.16 @ 10:30am - Wired
Alcohol Policy Meeting - 8.9.16@ 10am - 11:30 - HCH Kiva Room
Rx Safety Meeting - 8.18.16 @ 12pm - HCH Boardroom
Taos Talks Radio Show - Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

(August 10th RMYC & 24th Regeneration Festival) 9-10am 93.5fm or for live-streaming