U.S. High School Students Report Relaxation, Having Fun, and Feeling Good as Top Reasons for Misusing Prescription Drugs

Nearly one-fourth (24%) of U.S. high school students reported using prescription drugs without a prescription in order to get high or change their mood, according to data from a recently released survey. Of these students, nearly one in five (18%) reported that the main reason they last misused a prescription drug was to help them relax, 16% reported it was to have fun, and 14% reported it was “because being high feels good.” Other responses included to help forget troubles, to deal with the pressures and stress of school, and because their friends were using. Perhaps the most surprising finding was that 70% of these students did not respond to the question, which is an unusually high percentage. When this same question was asked about alcohol use in a previous survey, only 28% did not respond to the question*.