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Taos Alive Coalition is a community based coalition whose main goal is to reduce substance abuse among Taos County youth through environmental strategies and coalition work. Taos Alive is funded by a Drug Free Communities Grant under the Office of National Drug Control Policy (DFC) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA).  Taos Alive received its first year of funding to provide support in Taos County in October of 2010. 

Taos Alive began its inception under Rocky Mountain Youth Corps OSAP grant from the New Mexico Department of Health where its main goal was to reduce underage drinking and drinking and driving in Taos County Youth. 

During this time Taos CARES Health Council was an active Council in the Taos Community focusing on the Health of Taos County through collaborative efforts. One of the main areas of work for the council was substance abuse prevention.  So in the spring of 2010 Taos CARES Health Council in collaboration with Clean Air Works in Taos County, Taos Municipal Schools Substance Abuse Program, i2i-Institute, Taos Municipal School Tobacco Prevention Program, Tri County Community Services Prevention Program and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Prevention Program applied for DFC funding to fund the Taos Community in its efforts to reduce substance abuse.

Taos Alive is funded through September 30, 2015 with the ability to apply for 5 more years of funding at this time. The DFC grant requires that Taos Alive gain 100% inkind donation from the Taos Community in order to sustain its efforts and DFC funding.  

From the work that Taos Alive has done in the community, there are several sub-committee's that have formed to address the specific needs of the community.  These sub-committee's include the Prescription Drug Abuse Initiative, Media Advisory Group, School Wellness Committee, By-Laws Committee, Evaluation Committee, DFC Core Team and others arise to meet the community needs.

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Vision: Taos County youth will live in a community that is safe, secure and drug free. 

Mission:  Taos Alive Coalition unites the community to plan and implement strategies that prevent and reduce substance use and its consequences among Taos County youth.

Goals: The Taos Alive Coalition will work to achieve the following goals in alignment with Drug-Free Communities (DFC):1. Increase community collaboration in Taos County 2. Reduce substance abuse in Taos County.

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Twelve Community Sectors
DFC coalitions must include a minimum of one member or representative from each of the following twelve sectors:

  • Youth (persons <=18 years of age)

  • Parents

  • Business community

  • Media

  • Schools

  • Youth serving organizations

  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Religious or fraternal organizations

  • Civic and volunteer groups

  • Healthcare professionals

  • State, local, or tribal governmental agencies with expertise in the field of substance abuse

  • Other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse